New Trading & Investing Class

Jahan Shahi's Trading and Investing Class that had been held February–March will be continued in April and be ongoing

The Class meets every Monday night, at my house, at 7 pm. All are welcome! Please attend as often as you like. Your family, friends, and contacts may be interested in this class and would appreciate knowing about it.

Learn to manage your own retirement accounts and savings to maximize your gains and minimize losses. Avoid the coming market crash. The markets have gone up too high on cheap money. To our young members: learn to plan for a tax-free retirement income. Taxes will go higher! This class will show you how to use technical analysis (studying of the charts) to invest and trade any market such as stocks, currency, commodities, and more like a pro. Find out how the “buy & hold strategy,” often applied to retirement and managed accounts, may cost you money.


  • The coming market crash
  • The common trading mistakes
  • Support/resistance
  • Trend lines/counter trend lines
  • Moving averages
  • Ichimoku cloud
  • Fibonacci numbers and ratios
  • Candlestick patterns
  • Price profile/volume profile
  • Money management
  • Your personalized trading plan

The Third Blessing tells us that we are meant to have the financial freedom needed to not only care for our loved ones but also to have the time and resources to help others and do God’s Will as well. The fastest way to reach financial freedom is to learn to trade to create a monthly income with little time spent each day. Thanks to new technology and software, one can have free access to the tools which were only available to professional traders in the past. Anyone can learn quickly to manage their own savings, retirement plans, and also become a successful trader.

For more information on individual mentoring and group classes, please contact:

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