Reserve a Room

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When you wish to reserve a room, for a meeting or event, please abide by our reservation procedure as follows:  

  1. Reserve the desired room using the 'Book Now' button at the bottom of the page.

  2. Contact the ministry representative (listed below) particular to your needs. They will determine if the event is classified as part of an official ministry and arrange to loan you a key.

  3. Add the event to our website, if applicable. 

  4. When the meeting or event is finished, return the key to the ministry representative. 

The person using the space is responsible for the state of the space during and after their meeting/event and for returning the key to the respective ministry representative. If the event is not considered a ministry event, the individual will then be referred to the event coordinator in order to rent the space.

Blessed Family Ministry
Loretta Schauffler —

Building Manager
Susan Fefferman —

Amael Rodrigues —

General Affairs
Christopher Chandler —

Lay Ministry
Christoph Wilkening —

Dave Moffitt —

Sunday School
Alex Hunter —

Volunteer Coordinator
Larry Moffitt —

Young Adults
Shin Taylor —

Youth Ministry
Melissa Manor —