Tribal Messiahship for all Blessed Couples

Hello Family,

Here it is! The boiled down essence of Dr. Balcomb's landmark speech here last Sunday, about 16 minutes long. Well worth revisiting, even if you've heard it, and highly advised if you haven't. If you want to know what both True Mother and our President prioritize for 2017–2020...this is it.

Progress on this will require a bit of a culture and priorities change for us all, but that's a totally good thing (in every way) and very do-able.  

Dr. Balcomb notes that God calls to us. Different ways at different times. Now he says we are called by Mother directly to be Messiahs and to literally give the holy wine and Blessing to many. He even honestly references his own struggles in this regard and he makes clear that this year (finally) we can more easily address this as families, individuals, and as a movement together — and we can succeed.  

Tribal Messiah Summit Series

After church this Sunday (March 12th) we will hold the first of four Tribal Messiah Summit Series. We will gather in a circle for honest family talk. How do you feel? Hopeful? Committed? Semi-committed with reservations? Fearful? Frustrated? Even negative? Ready? All Okay. 

Already moving but need more tools or support? Wherever you're at, no problem at all. No judgment, let's work at this together. To clarify, this will NOT be a leader speech of any sort. Rather a chance for YOU to talk and be heard on this issue. A new beginning for us all. Ask and find out: What do you think? What do you feel? What do you need?  

This is a chance for all members to unpack it all — leaders to listen and learn — after church in a good-sized, yet intimate engaging circle.

Date: Sunday, March 12th
Time: 1pm- 2:30pm
Location: Main Chapel

Information, comments, or input are welcome. Please call Jim Boothby at 410-562-8317 or Gregg Jones at 410-800-3743.