Community Celebrations

Happy True Heavenly Parents Day!

Throughout this week, we are having three major Holy Days — True Heavenly Parents Day (Saturday, January 28th), True Parents Birthday (Thursday, February 2nd), and Foundation Day (Thursday, February 9th). On the actual Holy Day, we suggest that you have a meaningful experience in your own homes and that you invite one another to celebrate together. We will have community level celebrations for the next three Sundays. 

Community Celebrations at Melford

Sunday, Jan 29th – There will be cake (smaller celebration)
Sunday, Feb 5th – There will be a long, fun celebration with Bulgogi, offering table, etc
Sunday, Feb 12th – There will be cake (smaller celebration)

Streaming Live From Korea

Any event that is streamed from Korea, we can send you the link to watch at home and we can have something at the Melford Center. If there is a desire, we would like to do that!


Please remember that an offering is giving the best of yourself substantially to God. We will be collecting special offerings during the next 3 Sundays. 


If you would like help with these Holy Days — especially with True Parents Birthday (helping organize fun activities for after service) — please email Dianne Abendroth at


God Bless!