The Nigeria Peace Library Project


I wanted to send an update about the Nigeria Peace Library Project. I have had a bunch of support in working to reach our 2017 goals to help build Libraries in Nigeria and Congo, but there is still need for much more collaboration. 

A garage and a shed have been offered to store books for now, but we still need much more storage space! I have no idea what 50,000 books look like when they are in one place, but I'm guessing something similar to a tsunami. 

I still need help with organizing this effort. This is just one of many things that I am working on right now and it lacks the nuturing of one person who is constantly reviewing the goals we are setting (weekly/monthly/quarterly). It isn't a huge commitment, but I could use the help. 

Other than that, we have had a bunch of donations to get started, and many great suggestions as to how to get many more books. What we really need now is help organizing and more storage.

Thanks for your help with this effort. And don't forget, this isn't for us or our desires, this is to help enlighten the precious children of God who don't otherwise have access to books. 


Who feels called to help with our community's mission work in the Congo?

What is the Nigeria Peace Library Project?
New Hope Family is teaming up with Rev. Sang Sun Park from the KEA community to create libraries in both Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Read the short article here.

We have committed to giving 100,000 quality books to this effort on behalf of our community. Each shipment needs to be in bulk containers of 50,000 so we have committed to sending out 2 containers in 2017. Our community has been the special benefactor of so many blessings, thanks to the Washington Times. The printed word is why many of you moved to this part of America, which is precisely the reason it seems appropriate for us to be offering the printed word to people in desperate need.

How can you help?
We need a lot of help to make this happen, though I 100% believe we can break through this goal if many people chip in. 

General ways to Help

  • Go around and collect books. 
  • Go to neighbors houses, speak with libraries and schools, set up a box at super markets, be CREATIVE!!!!
  • We are looking for quality books here, not just anything. If we are exporting knowledge to another country, we need to be conscious of what we are sending. These are French (Congo) and English (Nigeria) speaking countries, so books in either language will be appropriate. 

Specific Needs

  • Lead organizer: We need someone who is passionate about education and charity to help keep this effort moving forward—call it a Central Figure. Please pray about it.
  • Storage: While we are collecting books we need to store them in a dry place until we have 50,000. We could potentially rent a storage locker (or several) but several people may have space in their homes/garages/etc. We can have several official storage facilities in members' homes
  • Accounting: We need someone to help organize how many books we have and where they are located. People may want to give financial donations to the cause as well and we need to keep track of that. 
  • Correspondence: We need someone to correspond with Rev Park in Africa and also with HQ just to report on how we are doing and to hear how they are doing. Bishop Kim is actually taking responsibility to pay for the shipping of these books!

Please take this seriously. If everyone does something, even something small, then we will be able to really make a difference in the lives of many people.

Please contact us if you have any questions. 
God bless!