Lead Pastor Search

Dear New Hope Family,

To continue Pastor Andrew Love’s foundation and legacy, the New Hope Family Council is looking for a new lead pastor who is approachable, sensitive, endearing, community-minded, consistent in faith and prayer, in touch with young adults and youth, aware of senior concerns, able to manage time, and able to present our faith and community to the wider society. We are looking for a person who is forward-looking, innovative, and working for consistent development, empowerment, and success in all aspects of New Hope Familyon the road to Vision 2020. The pastor needs to be a team player working well with an assistant pastor, a general affairs assistant, the council, and with all ministry leaders and volunteers.

Lead Pastor job description (paid, full-time or part-time depending on experience)
The Lead Pastor of New Hope Family (NHF) will be responsible to:

  • care for and uplift the spiritual well-being of all New Hope Family members in cooperation with NHF ministry leaders and volunteers to reach young and old, enthusiastic and disaffected alike;
  • incorporate God’s word into the congregation and the wider community by developing themes, sermons and/or delegating speakers for the NHF weekly Sunday service as well as through teaching the Divine Principle;
  • communicate and collaborate with the Council concerning NHF community’s strategies, goals, finances, and ministries;
  • together with the pastor team, provide leadership, oversight, mentorship, and support of all ministries for their successful outcomes;
  • manage the Pastor Team through regular meetings and communication to discuss and plan for New Hope Family as well as raise and oversee new, especially young adult leaders;
  • oversee the Online Ministry of posting messages to NHF and the wider community;
  • coordinate with and represent the members of New Hope Family tothe District Pastor and the National Headquarters of the Family Federation for World Peace, as well as maintain a cooperative relationship with the pastors in District 1.

If you feel called to the position but think you are not yet totally qualified, we are considering someone “growing into” the position. Therefore, even if you’re not qualified yet, but believe you could become qualified within a certain, agreed-upon length of time, we encourage you to apply!

Application Instructions

Please submit your application as soon as you can, and no later than March 31, 2017. To apply, submit the following documents as attachments in an email to nhfccouncil@gmail.com.

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Letters of recommendation (minimum 2)

Please send any questions to the same email address.