Kenya Vision 2020 Update

PLEASE HELP! Kenya Mission Support has collapsed with the Kenyan Peace Center

The Kenyan Nairobi Peace Center has been demolished. The building is to be replaced by a 12 story new Peace Building in 3-5 years. Rental space in this building provided funds for mission work; The Education Department lecturer and activities, UPF leaders and activities, and Blessing activities, Second generation ministry, etc. These ministries are doing great work.

Your donation to Kenya will go directly to these ministry leaders to provide them ministry support funds.

Please donate your funds to H.S.A. UWC MD (Kenya Funds) and write Kenya Fund on the envelope if cash and in the memo on the lower left of your check. These funds go into the MD Church account and into an account dedicated to Kenya Missions. Kyoko Betancourt deposits these funds and they are then transferred to Kenya, providing receipts.


Bishop Kalama (Married Priests Now, ACLC type ministry, Blessing Movement) and Bishop Patrick are working hard in the city of Kuria.  They are educating and Blessing ministers and their congregation members.  Bishop Patrick’s and Rev. Helen’s couple, who just had become members when I was in Kenya in 2014, are an invaluable part of the outreach effort. He brings ministers together and provides a foundation for Bishop Kalama to minister, educate, and conduct Blessings.  My family has been consistently sending funds to support this ministry, but it is not enough.   Everything we can give is being used to educate and provide the blessing. In these areas Kenyan people are very open and humble to receive education and the Blessing.   

Rev. Albanus Mwololo is focused in the city of Mombasa.  He is the head lecturer of the Education Department. He works so hard and selflessly.  Currently he is educating 400 young adults in a Methodist Church.  He will soon teach in another church called the Africa Inland Church, teaching “True Family Values” materials. Rev. Mwololo has a large family and very little income.  The leadership team knows of our region 1 community and are grateful for our support.  He and others are using laptop computers donated by Markus Hochmuth and delivered by Ernest Patton.

My heart really goes out to our brothers and sisters in Kenya.  They are working very hard with great purity of heart.  They have very little but because of how much they love God and love the people of Kenya, they are doing great works.

Please offer any amount.  If we all do something, we will make a big difference in the ministries in Kenya and the countries providential progress towards 2020.

 “I have one life and one chance to make it count for something… My faith demands that I do whatever I can, wherever I am, whenever I can, for as long as I can with whatever I have to try to make a difference. And do whatever I can right Now!” anonymous