In Loving Memory of Joe Wakaria

Our dear brother Joe Wakaria ascended to the Spirit World on Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Biography of Joseph Wakaria

Joseph (Joe) Njoroge Wakaria was born on September 1st 1963 in Nairobi, Kenya as the third son and fifth child in a family of seven.  His elder brother James witnessed to his beloved younger brother, and Joe joined the Unification Church of Kenya in 1983.  Eventually, all his brothers and sisters joined this church. Very quickly, an American missionary, Kenneth Gray, noticed Joe’s intelligence, determination and generous heart and helped him acquire an International Relief Friendship Foundation scholarship for the following year. On that scholarship, Joe was able to come to the USA, where he completed his undergraduate studies at Bowie State University. Joe went on to complete the Master of Divinity program at the Unification Theological Seminary and later, he earned a second Master’s Degree at the University of Bridgeport. 

After UTS he returned home to support and develop the Kenyan church. Joe received the marriage blessing from True Parents in 1989 with the 1275 couples in Korea and, in 1997, Joe returned alone to the US to work with the American Family Coalition. He was able to bring his family to the US in 2002 and they eventually settled in Maryland.

Joe attended the Washington DC Family Church for many years and, earlier this year was elected Secretary General of the Church Council. Constantly reaching beyond his church community, Joe was an integral part of his large Kenyan community.

Joe is a man deeply cherished by his family, highly appreciated by friends who know him as a peacemaker, and known as a selfless community leader in the Washington, DC area. Everyone who met him could see that he lived his life as a truly caring human being. 

After fighting valiantly through this second round of brain cancer, our dear brother, husband and father Joe ascended to the Spirit World on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 at 12:05pm. In the US, he is survived by his precious family:  his wife Juliette Wakaria and four daughters Ji-Yung, Ji-mi, Samouhan and Sharon.

Prayer Vigil

Every evening from 7pm - 10pm community prayers will be offered at the Washington DC Family Church, 1610 Columbia Rd NW, Washington DC until Nov. 5.

Seonghwa Ceremony

The Seonghwa Service will be held Saturday, November 5th, at 10 AM at the Washington DC Family Church located at 1610 Columbia Rd NW, Washington DC 20009.

Wonjeon Ceremony

The burial will take place on Saturday, November 5th, at 1 PM at Fort Lincoln Cemetery, at the National Wonjeon, 3401 Bladensburg Road, Brentwood MD 20722.

In lieu of flowers, please offer your support of the family through Go Fund Me by participating in the community fundraiser or by sending a check to the family:

Community Fundraiser

October 29, 2016 from 3pm - 8pm
Washington Family Church — 1610 Columbia Rd. NW, Washington, DC  20009

Checks can be made out to Juliette Wakaria and sent to their home:
Mrs. Juliette Wakaria — 1262 Allen Court, Waldorf, MD  20602

Support Joseph Wakaria at GoFundMe: