High Noon Summit

Dear Pastors, Community Leaders, and Blessed Families,

We would like to express our appreciation for your faith and investment in furthering God’s providence in America. As we embark on a new year of Blessings, we pledge to also care for and strengthen our Blessed Families. Therefore, we invite you to join a very important and timely opportunity for our movement.

Internet pornography is a little-discussed challenge among couples, families, and communities. As a movement, we uphold the values of Absolute Sex and intimacy that True Parents have taught us, and seek to reserve sexual relationships for our eternal partner. However, the reality is that many individuals, couples, and families in the US and around the world are being impacted by pornography.

Thankfully, there is always hope with our Heavenly Parent and True Parents by our side.

On April 7-9, 2017, the Blessed Marriage Project and Blessing & Family Ministry of North America will be co-hosting an international High Noon Summit that will take place at the International Peace Education Center (IPEC) in Las Vegas. The purpose of this Summit is to raise awareness of the pervasive impact of pornography on our Blessed community and to share True Parents’ vision for a culture of sexual integrity and healthy marital intimacy. Most importantly, we will be presenting real solutions available for sexual problems within our families and culture, and we will collaborate on action plans for our communities, together with leaders from around the world are being harmed by pornography.

Leaders in our Unificationist community and individuals interested in helping others are invited to participate in this Summit. As pornography is a very prevalent challenge, we strongly encourage leaders from each community to participate, including pastors, youth groups, international communities, and other ministry leaders. 

We secured great presenters for this Summit, including professional Unificationist educators who have been helping individuals in the area of sexual intimacy and pornography for many years. In addition, we are excited to have top-quality guest speakers from some of the leading organizations on sexual integrity and pornography recovery, including Clay Olsen of Fight the New Drug, Dawn Hawkins of the National Center for Sexual Exploitation, Michael Leahy of Bravehearts Mentoring Solutions, and Sam Black of Covenant Eyes.

We invite you to join other leaders from the USA and the world at IPEC Las Vegas on April 7-9 in order to effectively address the issue of pornography that affects our families on a worldwide level. Together, we can create a culture of absolute sexual integrity and cast no shadows at High Noon as our True Parents have envisioned.

Registration & Logistics

For more details regarding the Summit, simply visit highnoonsummit.org.

All participants must register online by completing the online registration before Feb. 26 for the Early Bird rate. Click here to register.

God Bless you and your family!

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim
Continental Chairman

Dr. Michael Balcomb

Mrs. Crescentia DeGoede
Director, BFM