Heartfelt Gratitude & Special Thanks

We would like to express our thanks to the New Hope family for their prayers and support in accomplishing an offering of 40 to 400 public readings of "America and God's Will," the speech given by True Father on September 18th, 1976 at the Washington Monument. The readings were given at the Washington DC Holy Ground on the ellipse, inside the White House, and the Washington Monument itself along the surrounding walkway.

We went over 400 readings on August 27th.

Special thanks to brothers and sisters who were able to make time to read with us through sunshine and rain: 

Larry Moffitt, Zagery Oliver, Ezra Karimi, Pauline Eby, Lydia Martin, Brenda Miller, Nancy Bulow, Wendy Herstein, Joseph Taylor, Kim Dadachanji, Daniel Hess, Mary Johnson, David Phelps, Francis Marchitelli, Tanya Honda, Joshua Hunter, Aileen Rotondo, Hannah Hunter, Aiwa Hunter, Washin Hunter, Cheonnam Hunter

With heartfelt gratitude for making this condition in support of our country and the September 17th event actually happen, 

Alexander and Toyoko Hunter, BCF