Church Council Elections Begin

Dear Maryland New Hope Family Members,

Nominations for a seat on the church council are now officially under way! This is a great opportunity to be part of the local church governing body and help make important decisions. First and Second Generation members are welcome equally to run.

Four out of the seven council seats are up for election: Beverly Berndt and Doug Burton’s two-year terms are up; Eric Roschuni and Robert Abendroth end their terms after one year. Mary Johnson, Ron Musiol, and Christoph Wilkening are continuing for one more year.

From now until Nov. 23, the council is accepting nominations for the four seats currently open on our church council. Any blessed member, at least 18 years old and a resident of Maryland for at least one year, may run for this position

During the year after the last council election in November 2015, the council has worked proactively to improve our New Hope Family community. The council meets usually twice per month. It has advised, supported, and had oversight of the pastor team of Pastor Andrew Love and Assistant Pastor Jim Boothby, in numerous projects and proposals.

  • The council, as the steward of the tithes and donations, has overseen the allocation of how funds are spent. The council has worked closely with the Lay Ministry, Youth Ministry, Young Adult Ministry, Boat Ministry, Building Maintenance team, and Sunday School coordinator, to address their budgetary suggestions and concerns, as well as ministry matters.
  • Although 2016 has been a financially difficult period, the council strove to increase tithing through regular tithing education talks and financial reports presented to NHF congregation during Sunday services.
  • The council educated itself in the art of good governance, learning and practicing dynamic governance, which is built on the values of equivalence, transparency, and consent. Equivalence means mutual respect and inclusion; transparency means honesty, sharing, and good communication; consent means overcoming obstacles and striving for creative solutions.

Send the nomination of yourself or another for a council seat before Nov. 23 to: New Hope Family Elections

Please include a paragraph about yourself and another paragraph why you would like to serve on the New Hope Family Council. This information will be shared with the congregation.

Election candidates will introduce themselves to the community at a town hall meeting about the council on Dec. 4, after Sunday service, or, if needed, also the next Sunday, Dec. 11. Election results will be announced on Sunday, Dec. 18, at church.

The New Hope Family Election Committee is comprised of: Eric Roschuni (, Bill Selig (, and Joanne Parrish (

Please contact one of the above for additional information. You may also wish to speak to individual council members regarding their experience as a council person. Current council members are: Christoph Wilkening (chair),; Mary Johnson,; Doug Burton,; Beverly Berndt,; Ron Musiol,; Robert Abendroth,; Eric Roschuni,