Connections Book 2016–2017

88 pages in full color, packed with local church information, business􀀈 advertisements, helpful notices, ministry opportunities and, most impor­tant, FFWPU members' names, phone numbers, email, and street ad­dresses throughout the tri-state district. Buy them by the bunch! We all know they get lost and are always in demand. Buy ten and get one free!

The essential Unification movement source book info for the mid-atlantic. You'll need more than one! Inside you'll find a two-page district map, Father's quotes, special info and pictures of all 6 District One churches — Bal­timore, New Hope in Suburban MD, Washington D.C., Northern VA, Richmond and Norfolk. The definitive, must-have info source for staying in touch with anyone in our District One tri-state area. 

Available on sale at church now $10 each — proceeds help the church.

We will have copies available online soon so you can have them shipped to you. However, it's a bit cheaper and less trouble to pick up your copies at church where there's naturally no shipping fee. Either way, we hope you enjoy the new edition. God Bless you!