Looking for adult volunteers for 2017 BCSF in Barrytown

Hello, District 1 Family,

I am Ryusei Taguchi, this year's District 1 Regional Coordinator for Blessed Culture and Sports Festival!
The young adults and high school youth ministry are looking for adult volunteers for Blessed Culture and Sports Festival(BCSF)! This is an annual gathering of Unificationists where we compete in various sports, showcase different art, and participate in other activities to promote heavenly culture.

BCSF will be held on August 9th - August 13th, 2017 at UTS in Barrytown, NY.

We are looking for adult volunteers that are available to drive with us, cook with us, and have fun with us!

If you volunteer, you will need to register for BCSF for the low price of $70 + lodging accommodations. All of your meals and transportation will be paid for!
You can register here: https://www.bcsfusa.com/registration/

Please contact me if you have any interest or questions!

Contact Ryusei Taguchi:
Phone Number: 240-338-5560
Email: ryusei.taguchi@gmail.com