Winter Workshop Testimony

Ryusei Taguchi — My Legacy

Winter Workshop Testimony: Sunday, January 15th, 2017

Preface: My name is Ryusei Taguchi and the following is a winter workshop testimony that I gave at church last Sunday. I would like to share it with those that haven't seen it. I am very proud of this piece, and I hope all of you can get something out of it. Thank you to those that have listened. Thank to those who have been in some moment in my life. Thank you to those that have wished me good fortune and that have faith in me. That's why I'm here, writing, speaking, and living.

Also I think this would be pretty cool to look back on so, hey future me! This is kinda exciting. I hope you have found certainty by now. If not, eh we workin on it bro. 

PS: The ending gets cut off a little bit. You can read it in the script! The ending is extremely meaningful for me!


"My legacy"
This concept of legacy is quite hard to grasp. Our workshop was centered on answering "What is my legacy? And how will I achieve this?"

Before this workshop, I really thought it was important for me to invest, wholly, into it. So, I did some conditions but more importantly I kept a mind set on this workshop. I thought it would be important to define legacy, or how I perceive legacy to be.

“Legacy is not what you do or achieve in life, but it is how you affect people.”

This is my definition. I came up with it and I’m very proud. But i think this kind of definition is something we’ve all come to realize.

Does it matter how much money we have? Does it matter how big our house is?
Or does it matter that you changed my life.
This is why we all gave everything we had to the church to the movement. Our legacy, our will, the will that God gave to us, God's will, True Parent's will, will be and have been realized because we have been introduced to this lifestyle of sacrificing. We constitute our lives to better the world through our love. This is how we affect people. This, altogether, is our legacy.

And when we all inevitably lay on our death beds, surrounded by those we have affected, and we look from above to the genuine love from those still around to live their legacy, we will be satisfied. Our achievements will not keep our legacy; our ideas and our love is what will be preserved. Those that will stand along the skirts of our grave are those that will know the legacy of a great being. The spirit world will celebrate our names for we have realized our legacy of love. I will inspire the lives around me solely because I want to bring the Heavenly Kingdom on Earth; solely to better the world. That is what legacy means to me.

I also thought, in my preparation, that it would be immensely helpful for me to memorize one of True Father's quotes so I could adopt it and live with it. And so, I could create a better understanding of True Parents by embodying their ideas. The quote is 

"You must leave noble steps behind you so that every step you take has the value of millions. "
Page 156 the completed testament age and ideal kingdom
Sun Myung Moon

This quote is very meaningful for me because it dictates the importance of every moment of our lives. With every step, meaning with every moment, we must take noble steps, meaning every action must take deeply powerful, meaningful, and profound actions, each having the value of millions, meaning within each moment of our lives, each action having the strength of a million movements. How powerful is this? When I read this quote “In the Completed Testament Age and Ideal Kingdom”, I had to read it many times over. Even trying to think how I could achieve this ideal hurt my head, but I knew this is a way I could live. Any less of this kind of investment and effort, is obsolete. I desire to take noble steps so that I can fulfil True Father's idea and heart and that I may be able to understand his heart as well.

My legacy is one that I want to be proud of and call my very own. My legacy is also one that I wish you all could be proud of too. I hope that all of you are aware that, I, personally, am so eternally grateful for sacrificing your lives to bring the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. We, as second gen, must take the last march into the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. You all have left your legacy and left an imprint on my soul. This workshop, we've heard from our very own Mr. Hunter, Ms. Joongsook Moon from Virginia, Mr. Iwasaki from Philadelphia , Mr. Bush from new jersey, and I am so grateful for those who spend their times to open their hearts.
You see, our community is like a mighty apple tree. You all are the roots of our tree. You all are the foundation for our success and keep us grounded. We, I, am a fruit of your energy. I am a product of years and years of your hard work, your energy, and your love. I know my roots.
And I know you all have left such an incredible legacy and have brought us so close to the doorsteps of Heavenly Kingdom and my legacy will help finish those final strides, the final march into the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. This is our fight, this is my promise.

The legacy I wished to fulfill at the workshop and fulfill in my own life is to invest everything I could and pour my heart and soul into understanding, growing, and being passionate. My legacy is to inspire those around me so that we CAN proclaim our world into the Heavenly Kingdom. My legacy is to inspire those around me to spread heavenly culture. My legacy is to expand heaven.

To continue to actualize my legacy in the workshop, there were activities that I feel like I really dived into. There was one that we deemed "the crying activity" because it was so emotional. Everyone in that room was crying. It felt like the room was raining because so many tears were falling. The objective of the activity was to silently appreciate one another. When we heard something that related to our brother or sister we touched them in a way that let them know they were appreciated. The desire of this activity was to empower us and bring confidence into our lives so we can live our legacy; it was to pour the support and love of our community into every individual. That activity, I cried like a newborn baby. I hugged everyone. When I came up to people, I remembered their story and there was intense pride and empathy for every person in that room. I felt a rush of God's love in that room. I invested my every breath into pouring out God’s love, pouring out my true love, expanding heavenly culture, living for others, and supporting my brothers and sisters.

That is why on the back of our shirts, it is not just one man who stands on a high mountain. It is one man with an army of brothers and sisters that are following him, catching him when he falls, and pushing him into his dreams. 

I try so hard to inspire and leave my legacy. Often times I try too hard. But i am truly thankful for my brothers and sisters that have followed me, who have caught me when i fell, and that have pushed me into actualizing my dreams. And I am truly thankful for you all. Yes even you. I may not know you, but from spending every Sunday at the New Hope Family Church Center. Since as long as I could remember. Since back when we all used to hang out at the carp center and I was just a little baby. Even if you just moved in recently. You all contribute to this place I like to call heaven. There is no heaven without one of you missing. You all, collectively, create the New Hope FAMILY that we are. From this community I have found strength in finding God, strength in finding myself, strength in battling depression, and strength in living my life to my fullest potential. 

However, I can only give any 100% if there is no uncertainty in my actions. And i long for certainty. And i long to be able to proclaim my ideas, but up to this point all that i've said are just theories that I have constructed. I cannot prove that what I’m saying is true, but I can only hope. I can only believe.
My biggest uncertainty is the existence of God and the truth of Sun Myung Moon.
There of some of you in the crowd today that can say I know there is a God. I unfortunately cannot say the same. I wish to know. 
Long ago, I was looking for answers. I was looking for certainty and understanding of the cosmos. I realized that

Having faith in god is very important but is very hard for me. Everything that happens I say "that must be God!" But I can never be certain. However, believing is a part of having faith and following a religion. That is why they say believe in god rather than know god. That is why people ask if you BELIEVE in god rather than if you KNOW god. RIGHT? Those that know are saints; nearly impossible to reach that. So how can people believe so strongly? 

The best way I can believe in God is to connect God to my emotions. God is emotions. God is ideas. This is my interpretation. There is no happiness without God, and there is no sorrow without God either. God is what I call my spiritual self. He runs my spiritual show.

Therefore, within this workshop, I searched for certainty. And with the support of the community I know I can find it. With just enough Hoon Dok Hae I think I can find God. And I have been searching and will keep searching. It’s as if though, I believe that God is within all of you. I believe that God is within me too. And I believe that True Father is an administer and a pure embodiment of God and His Love. GOD'S WILL IS WITHIN MY LEGACY. MY LEGACY IS AN ILLUSTRATION OF GOD’S PRIDE IN ME. God speaks through my mouth from the bottom of my heart into the vibrations and wavelengths of the winds so your ears can pick up the sound of his heart, of my heart. That is what i believe.

As a last note, I would like to share with you all my mission statement. I do not say this to brag. I do not say this so you all can praise me. I want you all to know where I plan to go in life. I beg of you to all help me follow me, catch me when I fall, and push me into actualizing my mission statement. I want to proclaim it in front of you all so I can take my life into the right direction and so I can fulfill God's will that lies in my life and in mylegacy. God, here I am.

My mission statement is: Live a life lead by inspiration, guided by heart, and with each breath, administer True Love.

Thank you.