Dear Tribal Messiahs of District One

Dear Tribal Messiahs of District One,

As you may know, we are just 21 days away from the America and God's Will Washington Monument Rally on Saturday September 17th from 2-5pm. We'll be celebrating the 40 year anniversary of the prophetic speech that true father delivered at our nation's capital and announcing our 2020 vision to bring America back to God! 

I'm writing to prepare you for what could be the most pivotal point in not just our own movement, but our nation as a whole.

So what is actually going to happen that day? There will be moving stories, prayers for peace, riveting musical performances, family fun, and of course a main address from Sun Jin Nim, or possibly True Mother!

Here's the basic schedule:
12pm - arrivals, fellowship, pick up sports
2pm - peace road bike ride
3pm - main program
4pm - music concert

Throughout the event we'll have booths where guests and passerbys can play games and sign up to support or partner with what we're doing in our communities. These will be run mostly by our District 1 Tribal Messiahs. We'll be able to sell items as long as they are not food. If you're interested in having a booth send me an email with your name and what you'd like to do.

Of course, we'll also booths where they can sign up for Peace Road,, UPF, ACLC, WFWP, and CARP.

Why are we doing this event? Because America needs our help. The fact is that America has been slowly and persistently pushing God out of her institutions, pop culture, and the family. We now experience racial tension, economic failure, family breakdown, and disunity like never before. I don't know how much longer America will be able to survive if these issues continue to plague us.

This event gives us a chance to let America know that God is alive and ready guide this country once again! Who is the event for? Tribal messiahs and their tribes. 

True mother has made it abundantly clear that our core mission is to witness to our friends and family as Tribal Messiahs. So the purpose of this event is support our efforts here. As someone who is praying and meeting regularly with people in my tribe, I want to be able to invite them to meet my faith community and show that we are cool, relevant, and making a difference! 

What can I do to prepare? Sign up at and ignite our tribal messiahship efforts! The success of this event will go beyond what happens between 2-5pm. It begins from now to Foundation Day, February 6th, 2020. Now is the time to meet with our trinities, pray desperately for our spiritual children, and get into action!

Here are some guidance of action to take:
1) Go to and sign up your family today! There you can also read Father's Washington Monument speech. It would also be good to read from page 667 in the Chambumogyeong. 
2) Meet with your trinity and make a plan of action that is fun and inspiring!
3) Meet with those you are praying for and personally invite them to "come and meet my 'family' from all over the country". Remember your 5% responsibility is to sincerely pray for them, love them, and ask. Don't worry about anything else and just trust that God will work a miracle with his 95% responsibility.
4) Run a family friendly booth with your church at the event. Let me know of your interest. 
5) Love your spouse and kids like there's no tomorrow! Include them as much as possible!
6) Let me know of outstanding members that could have a story written up on them in a local newspaper.

Thank you for reading through all these practical details! Let's go forward confidently knowing that God is with us 100%!


Miilhan Stephens
Vice President FFWPU