Striving for 4,000 Readings of True Father’s Speech

On Saturday, August 27, Unificationist families from the New Hope Family Church in Maryland and the Washington DC Family Church reached a goal that they set out to do just two weeks prior: conduct 400 public readings of True Father’s 1976 Washington Monument Rally speech, “America and God’s Will” at the Holy Ground and the Ellipse in sight of both the Washington Monument and the White House. The concluding tally of readings was 410. As a next step, they are aiming to complete 4,000 public readings.

“The condition was made in support of the September 17th anniversary event, but more profoundly as an offering for the reawakening of America to her providential responsibilities,” explained Alexander Hunter, who, with his wife Toyoko Hunter and his family, started the effort and were soon assisted by an additional 15 brothers and sisters over the ensuing days, reading aloud through the August heat and one afternoon of torrential downpour. “These directions from Heaven are as vital now as in 1976. Then, they were a stern prescription; now, they are triage for a patient in crisis.”

“One thing that happened was that God used this activity to reawaken me,” says Mr. Hunter. “It took me 300 readings to get even a small taste of True Father’s desperate commitment to turning this nation in the right direction. After a few readings, it became clear that acting on the message was, is, and has always been, the point. These words are still a gift of grace from True Parents for America, for that remnant out there that still hasn’t bent the knee to Baal, the one’s still thirsty for God. It began to sink in that True Father really meant for these words to be accomplished. This is a strategy and a clear plan. His activities over the last 40 years are clearly foreshadowed in these words.”

The Hunters are inviting Unificationist families around the DC metro area, the region, the nation and the world to help carry out these readings simultaneously to further support the upcoming rally and awaken America. “True Father’s words should be in the air,” said Mrs. Hunter. The family hopes that, together, families around the world can reach 4,000 public readings by September 17.

“The math is pretty simple,” the family notes. “If 100 families read ‘America and God’s Will’ 40 times, 4000 would quickly be done. Of course, if 400 read it 10 times or 4000 read it once… we’re done by Labor Day.”

“Public reading simply means read aloud and outside your front door: on the porch, in your driveway, your front yard (for the benefit of your neighbors) or down at the library or in front of a church or supermarket or shopping center; in short, wherever God may inspire a family to get it done. If you can read, you can help.”

Mr. Hunter, his wife Toyoko, and Unificationist Rev. Joseph Taylor were inspired by the prospect of Unificationists nationwide checking in and pledging 40 (or however many) readings online and then checking in again when they finished (with the date of completion). “You never know, somebody else out there might get inspired to go for 40,000 or even 4,000,000,” said Mr. Hunter. “As Jesus said,’If they were to keep silence, I tell you the very stones would cry out.’ If this small devotional condition caught on, it would be a coast to coast, sea to shining sea condition to support the America and God’s Will Rally on September 17, and, more profoundly, to renew the spirit of our country all in the span of a few days.”

The Hunters have set up an online check-in page with simple fields for reporting such as family name, location, number of readings, and the date they were completed. The running count is displayed to the left, and families anywhere and everywhere can take the opportunity to contribute and keep tabs on the response and progress. The Hunters are also happy to tabulate names and numbers that are emailed in from families who can make time to participate. If you’d like to add to the count of readings, you can fill out this form or email your results to* 

You can download the reading copy the families have been using below. The text is divided into 40 paragraphs and aired out for easier recitation.